The Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000

This is our Premier Foot Bath, the Pro Model TC-5000. The Aqua Chi Pro Bio-Energetic Footbath is the preferred choice for professionals and individuals alike.

Includes :

  • 1 Industrial Strength Power Pack
  • 2 Connecting cables
  • 25 Spare ring sets
  • 2 Modules or Arrays
  • Aluminum Travel Case
  • Super Safe GFI plug
  • 7 years factory warranty


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The Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000 : Our Best Seller…

Let’s take a look…

First, there is our Industrial Strength Power Pack. This is the heart of the Aqua Chi Water Energy System. When we say industrial strength, we mean it. There is no cost cutting in our design, as there is with cheap digital light-weight designs.

Weighing in at 7 pounds, the Aqua Chi’s transformer-based power pack is intended for day-in and day-out professional use. “Go ahead, make my day” (with a full schedule of clients). The Aqua Chi is up to the task!

The Pro Model TC-5000 comes chock full of all the items that you will need to get the most from your Aqua Chi Foot Bath. Like Two Patent Pending Aqua Chi Modules ($320 value), also known as arrays. Having two modules allows practitioners to schedule non-stop alternating sessions with clients. What a great way to maximize your scheduled time.

Even if you are not a practitioner, having two modules is a great idea for your family (for example, we have a lot of clients who like using his & hers modules -cute, huh?).

The Aqua Chi Pro Model also comes with 25 Spare Ring Sets ($185 value), enough to last (on average) about 250 to 350 sessions. Ring sets are replaceable elements that are normally replaced every 10-15 sessions. They are a snap to use, and install in less than a minute. Try that with the competition! (See Why Aqua Chi? below).

Lastly, don’t forget about our Super Safe GFI Plug, another Aqua Chi exclusive. You won’t find this feature on any other unit. It provides the ultimate in electrical prot-ection & safety. It uses the same technology that is mandated for use in modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Combine that with additional circuit breaker and fuse protection and you’ll understand why the Aqua Chi is the leader when it comes to operational safety.

With all that has been highlighted about the Model TC-5000 you would expect to pay a premium price for it, right?

Yes, but we have chosen to set the price “just right”. Even when compared to our own Aqua Chi Standard Model TC-5000, you are getting over $500 worth of extras for a mere $200 difference in price. Now, that is Exceptional Value!

Why Aqua Chi?

There are numerous reasons why the Aqua Chi is a superior product when compared to other detox foot baths. Below we have listed just a few points to review, highlighting features or benefits that the Aqua Chi offers that other foot baths do not.

Aqua Chi Model 5400 Series
  • Warranty:

    7 Years

  • Premium transformer-based Power Pack :

    Heavy duty power supply produces superior results, with plenty of power to spare.(headroom). No grounding strap required.

  • Modular Array design:

    You only need to replace the ring set within the module, not the entire module. Ongoing cost per bath = less than .50 cents.

  • GFCI Protection built in :

    Extremely safe to operate

  • Full body Baths Possible:

    Yes. The Aqua Chi can be utilized for full-body baths

  • Time and Intensity settings :

    Analog controls allow for an infinite variety of settings.

  • Manufactured and Serviced in the USA :

    The first unit made and sold in North America

Competitor foot baths
  • Warranty:

    1 to 3 years (cheap units are 90 days or less)

  • Digitally switched power units :

    Often contain sub-par components and are susceptible to failure due to static electrical charges. Some need to utilize a grounding strap attached to the clients’ body.

  • One piece Array design:

    Many makers require you to replace the entire module, often at $100 to $250 per module. Ongoing cost per bath = ??(do the math & you will be surprised)

  • No other unit has this feature:

    Why not?

  • Most limit their use to:

    foot baths only

  • Time and Intensity settings :

    Most digital units are limited to 4 or 5 program settings

  • Many made overseas :

    Are their units serviced in the U.S.?