The Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000

This is our Premier Foot Bath, the Pro Model TC-5000. The Aqua Chi Pro Bio-Energetic Footbath is the preferred choice for professionals and individuals alike. ** The New 2024 Model is Now Shipping! **

Includes :

  • 1 Industrial Strength Power Pack
  • 2 Connecting cables
  • 25 Spare ring sets
  • 2 Blue Modules or Arrays
  • 18 Quart Basin
  • Super Safe GFI plug
  • 7 years factory warranty

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The Aqua Chi Professional Model TC-5000 : Our Best Seller…

Why Aqua Chi?

There are numerous reasons why the Aqua Chi is a superior product when compared to other detox foot baths. Below we have listed just a few points to review, highlighting features or benefits that the Aqua Chi offers that other foot baths do not.

Aqua Chi Model TC5000
  • Warranty:

    7 Years

  • Premium transformer-based Power Pack :

    Heavy duty power supply produces superior results, with plenty of power to spare.(headroom). No grounding strap required.

  • Modular Array design:

    You only need to replace the ring set within the module, not the entire module. Ongoing cost per bath = less than .50 cents.

  • GFCI Protection built in :

    Extremely safe to operate

  • Full body Baths Possible:

    Yes. The Aqua Chi can be utilized for full-body baths

  • Time and Intensity settings :

    Analog controls allow for an infinite variety of settings.

  • Manufactured and Serviced in the USA :

    The first unit made and sold in North America

Competitor foot baths
  • Warranty:

    1 to 3 years (cheap units are 90 days or less)

  • Digitally switched power units :

    Often contain sub-par components and are susceptible to failure due to static electrical charges. Some need to utilize a grounding strap attached to the clients’ body.

  • One piece Array design:

    Many makers require you to replace the entire module, often at $100 to $250 per module. Ongoing cost per bath = ??(do the math & you will be surprised)

  • No GFCI Protection:

    Why not? It’s a safety hazard

  • Most limit their use to:

    foot baths only

  • Time and Intensity settings :

    Most digital units are limited to 4 or 5 program settings

  • Many made overseas :

    Are their units serviced in the U.S.?