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Aqua Chi Foot Bath Set Up & Use

Aqua Chi- Changing the Ring Set

Aqua Chi – Changing Fuses & Resetting the Circuit Breaker

Aqua Chi = Proper Set up for a Foot Bath

Aqua Chi – Which Connecting Cable Do I need?

Aqua Chi- Changing the Post Set

Aqua Chi- Replacing the leg with the Copper Strip

Aqua Chi – Cleaning The Module with CLR

Aqua Chi – Cleaning The White Cable Connectors

Aqua Chi – Why Did I Blow a Fuse

Aqua Chi – Do I Need to Replace My White Connecting Cable?

Aqua Chi – What About My Water Color?

Aqua Chi Foot Bath: Copper Ring Replacement

Aqua Chi: Change the Ring Set

Aqua Chi: About Detox Foot Baths


Aqua Chi: Research Update. Live Event.