Kemmerer WY

“She [87 year old diabetic grandmother] has had numb feet for many years now. She could barely walk anywhere… when she got through with the Aqua Chi she said, this is the first time I’ve had any feeling in my feet for a long time.”

Colorado Springs CO

“All of the little sores are gone… the spots seem to be diminishing too.”

Gastonia NC

“I was chronically ill for over 12 years… [after using the Aqua Chi] I am 100% pain free, I can sleep at night, I was able to come off all of my medications,.. It’s given me back my life.”

Greer SC

Built a business using the Aqua Chi… Shares an “excellent testimonial” of one of her clients
“By the second treatment she was pain free, no back pain or the typical pain that ran down her legs”… she was amazed at how quickly the foot bath helped.”

Charlotte NC

“I have definitely seen a difference in my health, my concentration level, my fatigue level, and my mental clarity. It’s just been a godsend.”

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